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Christian R. Abee, D.V.M.

CentraLite Home Owner

"A couple of months ago, you and I had an opportunity to discuss briefly how Karen and I feel about our lighting system that Centralite installed in our home in 2000. At that time, I told you it had performed beautifully, and that we are very pleased with it. I would like to expand on that by telling you that the lighting system is wonderful. Of ...

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elcome to CentraLite. CentraLite, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing energy-saving systems since 1997. The company offers a range of energy management and lighting control products that reduce energy use, increase safety, promote ambience and provide round-the-clock convenience. Our open architecture allows CentraLite products to easily integrate with third-party products, including many reservation systems, to further enhance control and savings with each guest's check in and check out.

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