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Chip Bernardo

Authorized CentraLite Dealer

"As a long time specifier, installer, and programmer of lighting control products, we are very aware of the market, equipment and the strengths and weaknesses of each product. Some products offer more features, but oftentimes, these features are what I consider esoteric; things only one in 10,000 users will ever desire. Some companies offer great...

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elcome to CentraLite. CentraLite, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing energy-saving systems since 1997. The company offers a range of energy management and lighting control products that reduce energy use, increase safety, promote ambience and provide round-the-clock convenience. Our open architecture allows CentraLite products to easily integrate with third-party products, including many reservation systems, to further enhance control and savings with each guest's check in and check out.

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