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A Letter From Our CEO

As the president and CEO of Centralite Systems, I am proud to lead one of the brightest teams of product engineers, including both software, hardware and systems engineers, in the industry. We take pride in the exceptional design and reliability of our products and the contributions we make to improve the lives of consumers and the bottom-line of businesses through cost savings and improved operations. We continually strive to lead the way with new technologies and better products.

We understand that rapid and widespread adoption of platforms that connect our homes, our industries, our businesses and our infrastructures must be reliable. Every design, component, and feature that we put into our product is placed with a single goal in mind – reliability. We create products that work – every time. They work when you wake up, when you get home, while you’re away, and while you’re asleep, 365 days a year.

Our customers expect the same level of reliability from this new generation of automated devices as they have from the systems that have been around for nearly a century. We know this and our designs reflect it. While our end-users only see the seamless integration of switches, sensors, thermostats, and other controls, we see a world of endless technological possibilities…

We are engineers. We are product designers. Our goal is to be the first to market with a new idea. And, when we can’t be the first to market, we are going to be the best in the market. We look forward to doing business with you.

Sean Bryant

An Overview

Centralite Systems, Inc., an engineering powerhouse, was founded in 1997 by James L. Busby, an electrical engineer, and James B. Busby, an aerospace engineer. Centralite is known for its software, hardware, and interface expertise. The company manufactures an ecosystem of reliable, wirelessly connected devices including light switches, thermostats, door and motion sensors, occupancy sensors, moisture and water sensors, lamp and appliance modules, garage controls, security system components, chime and siren repeaters and life tags. The company also engineers device drivers, controllers, interfaces and other software applications that seamlessly connect things and integrate them with the cloud for advanced control, monitoring, and analytics. Some of the most successful names in the connected home space are among Centralite’s customers including Samsung/SmartThings, Lowe’s, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Rogers Communications and more. Our products are distributed and installed throughout the US and in close to 50 countries worldwide.

Jilia™, the company’s newest Internet of Things (IoT) offering, is a cloud-based platform and toolkit that empowers developers of all skill levels to imagine, build, and expand the Internet of Things with a single, simple API framework. Jilia allows developers to create customized pathways between all types of connected devices very quickly. Jilia is brand-, platform-, and protocol-agnostic, meaning connected devices and apps developed with Jilia communicate with all other devices, whether through ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, Thread, or any existing wireless protocol. On October 13, 2015, Centralite was recognized at the I Love APIs conference in San Jose, California for having the Top API for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our design philosophy is to create well-engineered, reliable, easy to use control products that make life better for consumers and more profitable for enterprises. This concept includes an open system design that easily integrates complementary, third-party devices with our products. Some of the company’s award-winning products include Elegance, the ultimate in hardwired control; Jetstream, our wireless lighting control system; Entrexx, a product that has revolutionized the hospitality, MDU, and commercial energy management markets by reducing wasted energy consumption while also gathering useful data to optimize operations.

Centralite is an active member of the ZigBee Alliance and a pioneer in designing home automaton devices using the ZigBee (HA) profile. We also engineer products using Z-WAVE, BlueTooth LE, Thread, Wi-Fi, and others. Centralite speaks the language of things and takes ordinary devices and makes them smarter. In a nut shell, we connect things for maximum functionality and convenience.