White Label

For almost as long as the connected home has been growing industry, some of the largest home automation distributors in the US have turned to Centralite to provide them with OEM solutions.

Our quality. Your brand.

Centralite offers a large portfolio of home automation devices, either under the Centralite brand or white labeled with custom packaging featuring an OEM customer’s look and brand. Not only can the packaging be customized, but we can also tailor the markings and logos on the device for your branding.

Make your mark in home automation.

Turning to Centralite for white-labeled devices can be the ideal solution for both large enterprises and burgeoning start-ups. As a result, companies can dive right into the home automation arena, or expand an existing smart device line. White labeling with Centralite products removes long lead times (some products can be shipped in as little as a few weeks) and greatly reduces or even eliminates product development costs.

A smart home full of options.

Centralite currently offers more than 20 devices that are ready for rebranding or white labeling, and our product line is growing all the time. These devices are already ZigBee-, FCC-, CE-, and UL-certified, and already compatible with dozens of existing connected home platforms. Available Centralite devices include:

  • Pearl Thermostat
  • Smart Dimming Outlet
  • Smart Outlet
  • Smart Switch
  • In-Wall Relay Switch
  • In-Wall Dimmer Switch
  • In-Wall Remote Switch
  • Night Light Repeater
  • Smart Button
  • Temp & Humidity Sensor
  • Water Sensor
  • Emergency Pendant
  • 4-Button Key Fob
  • Smoke Listener
  • Micro Door Sensor
  • Door Sensor
  • Micro Motion Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Smart Garage System
  • Emergency Pendant
  • Security Keypad
  • Hub
  • Jilia Pi