OEM Solutions | Custom Devices

For almost as long as the connected home has been growing industry, some of the largest home automation distributors in the US have turned to Centralite to provide them with OEM solutions.

Versatility is our custom.

When it comes to custom OEM wireless devices, very few manufacturers have Centralite’s level of experience in producing a wide range of connected products. Centralite can meet the needs of nearly any project, even while navigating the tricky waters of multiple platforms, different wireless protocol certifications, and a range of FCC and UL requirements. We’re also adept at designing products that fit within the design parameters of an existing product or product line.

We can adjust the volume.

With manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Mexico, and worldwide distribution throughout North America and Europe, Centralite can meet the production needs, and the tight shipping schedules, of both small- and large-volume customers

Great companies turn to our company.

Centralite has developed and manufactured 10 different home automation OEM devices, including a hub, for Samsung SmartThings. We’ve developed eight smart home devices, including a hub, for the Lowe’s Iris platform. Plus we’ve developed multiple custom products for Comcast, Time Warner home automation Cable, and Rogers Cable (for whom we also produced a Security Keypad). We keep some pretty impressive company.