Second only to labor expenses, energy costs are the largest operating expense in the hospitality industry. Up to 80% of costs are associated with heating and cooling individual guest rooms or rental units. Guest comfort is paramount, but what happens when guests are away? Unchecked energy use is a consequence of unoccupied guest rooms because most people don’t adjust the thermostat or turn out the lights before leaving for 10 to 12 hours a day.

Entrexx Wireless Installation, Easy to Maintain

Easy installation and simple maintenance are key to Centralite’s energy management solutions. Many products claim to be “wireless,” but still depend on costly hardwired connections from each guest room. This can add days or weeks of downtime during the installation of an energy management system. The Entrexx solution is completely wireless and it can be installed at the same time housekeeping cleans the room.

Our design is based on innovative ZigBee wireless technology so installation is quick and discreet. The scalable design also allows it to be phased in by floor, wing, building, or by property. Centralite can even start by controlling heating and air conditioning, and add lighting control at a later time. Because installation and routine care are so simple, property maintenance teams can quickly be trained to install and monitor components, saving you additional labor costs.

Entrexx Smart Energy Saving Products and Features

All Centralite products have been engineered with energy efficiency in mind. Some of the features include intelligent dimming, timed on/off features, occupancy controls based on advanced logic, preset lighting and temperature levels, online local and remote control, and master controls for whole building control and management. Our commercial line of energy management products have the optional Entrexx energy management software available for advanced energy reporting and controls. Our products have been engineered for both new construction and retrofit applications with one of the easiest installation platforms in the industry.

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