The Pearl Thermostat (EU)

A beautiful design,
packed with features.

Centralite’s Pearl Thermostat is a revolutionary thermostat that combines contemporary aesthetics with easy-to-use controls. Utilizing a capacitive touch display, the thermostat delivers precise control and an unparalleled user experience.

Connected Comfort

The Pearl lets you take control of your comfort with the ability to set up schedules and events. Using an internet-connected ZigBee HA 1.2 hub, the Pearl can even be controlled while you’re away from home. The Pearl also reports temperature down to 0.1°C, giving your connected home a more accurate view of how your HVAC system is performing.


Two color options to fit any home’s décor.

Capacitive Touch Controls

The Pearl’s capacitive touch controls eliminate physical buttons to provide a more reliable, stylish, and convenient way to interact with your thermostat. With the swipe of a finger, you can set the temperature or lock changes using the HOLD button.

Ultimate Compatibility

Certified for ZigBee Home Automation 1.2, the Pearl is compatible with over a dozen connected home platforms that support ZigBee HA 1.2. The Pearl works with nearly all residential HVAC systems including Electric, Heat Pump, Gas, and Oil systems. Allowing for up to two stages of heat and two stages of cool, the Pearl is compatible with newer, high-efficiency HVAC systems.

Easy Installation

The Pearl can be installed by most homeowners in less than 15 minutes. Easy quick-connect wiring terminals eliminate the need for specialty screwdrivers or an extra set of hands.
The Pearl will also automatically detect what type of configuration is needed.

Save Energy, Save Money

By adding connected home HVAC control, your home can be smarter about when it uses energy to heat and cool. Beyond simple features like setting back the thermostat while you’re away from home, the Pearl offers advanced features like the use of remote temperature sensors to eliminate hot and cold spots in the home.

Use Cases

Cozy where you want it.

Most homes have thermostats placed in hallways, dining rooms, and even kitchens. The truth is that we spend very little our time in these areas. Since most homes do not have a properly balanced HVAC system, this leads to cold and hot spots throughout the house. This causes bedrooms and living rooms that are colder or warmer than they should be. By adding a temperature sensor to your bedroom, the Pearl can now keep that room at the right temperature!

Measure comfort, not just temperature.

Have you ever noticed how 72° doesn’t always feel like 72°? Normal fluctuations in your home’s humidity level can have a drastic effect on the temperature that your body “feels.” With the Pearl’s optional humidity sensor, your system can respond to your comfort level, not just temperature. The humidity sensor can also alleviate problems like damp basements or mold issues in the summer by triggering your air conditioner to run when high humidity is detected. The Pearl can also be used to issue alerts if humidity levels reach above normal levels.

Stop heating and cooling an empty house.

Adding a programmed setback to your HVAC system while you’re away can save over 20% on your electricity bill. Quit paying money to heat and cool an empty house! By setting schedules and having occupancy sensors know when you’re home and away, the Pearl can reduce the work your HVAC system has to do. Home when you’re supposed to be away? With a one-touch HOLD button, schedules and events can be paused or canceled for a set period of time.

A home that’s expecting you.

With apps and geofencing features found on many smartphones, you can give your home a heads up that you’re on the way. Never walk into a cold or hot home again! When you’re getting close to home, your phone can notify the system to set the temperature where you want it.




ZigBee Home Automation 1.2


24VAC Common Wire and/or 4-AA Batteries*

Supported Systems


  • Single-Stage Electric
  • Two-Stage Electric
  • Single-Stage Heat Pump
  • Two-Stage Heat Pump
  • Single-Stage Gas & Oil
  • Two-Stage Gas & Oil
  • Hot Water System (Boiler)**


  • Single-Stage Conventional
  • Two-Stage Conventional
  • Single-Stage Heat Pump
  • Two-Stage Heat Pump
  • Water Source Heat Pump

Single Fan Speed

Wiring Terminals

Y1 | First-Stage Compressor
Y2 | Second-Stage Compressor
G | Fan (Single-speed only)
W1 | 1st Stage Heat
W2 | 2nd Stage Heat / Em. Heat
O | Reversing Valve (Engaged on Cooling)
B | Reversing Valve (Engaged on Heat)
Rc | 24VAC (Cooling)
Rh | 24VAC (Heating)
C | 24VAC Common Wire 


The Pearl Thermostat is Compatible with All ZigBee HA 1.2 Platforms***

The Pearl has been tested and works with the following platforms:
  • SmartThings
  • Time Warner IntelligentHome
  • Cox Homelife
  • Bright House Networks Home Security and Automation
  • Rogers Home Monitoring
  • PEQ 


Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Shipping/Storage Temperature: -20 to 50°C
Humidity Range: 0 to 90% R.H. (non-condensing)


1-Year Limited Warranty.****

In the Box

1 - Pearl Thermostat
4 - AA Alkaline Batteries
1 - Installation Manual
4 - Mounting Screws and Anchors
*Two-year battery life based on typical residential use.
**Some boilers are not compatible with the Pearl Thermostat. 
***Some ZigBee HA 1.2 platforms and hubs require device-specific whitelisting. Refer to the compatibility chart to ensure this device is compatible with your system.
****Refer to reseller documentation for specific warranty guidelines and rules.