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How to test the 232-Bridge to make sure it is communicating with a third party system

Solution First connect the 232-Bridge to your computer using the serial port on the bridge. Then,:

On XP machines:

1) Click on Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications -
HyperTerminal. (Or you can use Putty, which is attached.)
2) Name your file and don't worry about the icon - click on OK.
3) Don't worry about the area code and phone number, but where it
says "Connect to," select the COM Port that you are using to
connect the computer to the 232-Bridge (you can find out which
COM Port you are connected to by clicking on Start - Control
Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager, and then on the '+'
sign next to Ports), then click on OK.
4) Set the bits per second to 19200, Data bits to 8, Parity to
None, Stop bits to 1, and Flow Control to None - click on OK.
5) Click on File - Properties - Settings - ASCII Setup, and check the
box next to "Echo Typed Characters Locally."
6) Then click on OK and again on OK. This should bring you to a
blank screen.
7) Type the word PING and press the Enter key on your keyboard (you
might have to do this step twice) - you should see the
word 'Hello' appear on your screen.
8) If you see the word 'Hello' appear on your screen, then the
serial port on the 232 Bridge is working like it is supposed to.
9) Then type in ^Cnnn where nnn is the scene ID of any scene that is
programmed in your current JetStream network.
10)If the scene turns ON in the house, then the radio in the 232
Bridge is also working.

On Vista and Windows 7 machines:

You will first have to download the appropriate version (for either Vista or Windows 7) of HyperTerminal to your computer and then follow the above stated steps. (HyperTerminal does offer a free 30-day trial of their software; you can also use Putty, which is totally free, and should be attached. Configure it using the same settings described above. On the Session page, select Serial as the Connection Type, and enter the Serial Line, which is your COM port (COM3, for example), and your speed, which is 19200. On the Terminal page, select Force On under Local Echo. On the Serial page under Connection, the Serial Line and Speed should have carried over from your changes on the Session page, so you should only need to change the Flow Control to None. If you like, you can also save these settings as your default settings on the Session page.)

putty.exe putty.exe

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