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Integration of Motorized Drape/Blind Controller

Solution What do I need to look for in a Motorized Drape/Blind Controller to best integrate with the CentraLite Elegance system?

The Elegance system is very flexible in that you can control blinds by Low Voltage Relay Boards (LVRB) or simple ASCII scenes via RS-232.  If you find blinds that operate after being pulsed by a simple relay, then you can control the blinds by a set of relays on an LVRB.

Follow this link to an app note for controlling shades with an LVRB.

If you find blinds that are controlled by RS-232, you can usually get the command strings required to operate the blind motors from the manufacturer.  Once you have these codes, simply create an ASCII scene that outputs those strings via one of the 3rd party ports which are connected to the blind's controller.  Once the ASCII scene is created, the commands will be transmitted to the blind's controller via RS-232.

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