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Installing JetStream to a Vista 32 computer or Windows 7

Solution How do I install the JetStream software to a Vista 32 or a Windows 7 computer?
[--- UPDATED: 10/26/2009 10:06:08 AM BY AGENT: Anthony D'Lima ---]
When downloading the software to vista 32 or Windows 7, follow these steps.

1)      Click on Save when prompted at the download page on the website.

2)      Once it has been saved to the desktop, then right-click on the setup file that is saved on the desktop, from the previous step.

3)      Select the option to “Run As Administrator.”

If you follow these steps, then all the drivers should automatically download to your computer. Just make sure that the USB Bridge is not plugged into the computer during the installation of the program.

Once the program has been installed successfully, then plug in your USB Bridge and run the two installs that will start on your computer (you might have to click on “Found New Hardware” in the bottom right of your screen).

Following the above steps should insure that you have no problems installing our software and all necessary drivers onto a Vista 32 or a Windows 7 computer.




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