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LiteJet Key Fob Remote Wiring

Solution What is the proper way to wire a Key Fob remote to the LiteJet system?

The Key Fob remote has three parts.

      1. Transmitting Key fob

      2. Receiver

      3. 9-volt DC adapter

The receiver should be mounted in an attic or in the highest place possible for best reception.  The receiver will represent two switch inputs on the MCP.

The receiver relays data to the MCP just as a push-button would.

The following is the wire color code:

      Red-- +9-volt power supply

      Black-- Ground (power supply)

      Brown-- Channel One Signal

      White w/Br stripe--- Channel One Common

      Red w/ wht stripe--- Channel Two Signal

      White--- Channel Two Common

As long as the common wires are on either Pin 1 or 8 of the RJ 45 connector, it is up to you which pin to connect to the channel signal wires.  These connections will represent the  selected input on the MCP.

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