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Wiring up a 3- or 4-way


How do I wire up a dimmer in a three- or four-way situation? 

[--- UPDATED: 1/30/2009 9:10:46 AM BY AGENT: Anthony D'Lima ---]

In a three- or four-way situation, the main (master) dimmer is wired to the load using all four wires on the dimmer, and all the other devices in that three- or four-way setup will have their red load wires capped off. Each of the devices will need to have their own hot and neutrals supplied to them.

(Since dimmers communicate via radio frequency, there is no need for traveler wires between them.)

The devices with their red wires capped will be set up to be a (slave) "keypad" in the software by checking the "Keypad" checkbox in the settings for those devices.

The devices which have the red wires capped will not have direct control of the load. The only device in the three- or four-way setup which will be able to control the load directly will be the one that has the red wire connected to the load. The "keypads" will instead be programmed to control the main dimmer, which in turn controls the load.

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