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AMX Integration

Solution I see a referral to AMX on your website with reference to integration with CentraLite, but I can find no reference to CentraLite at AMX, nor do I find modules for CentraLite-AMX integration either.

Do they exist, or is control strictly via RS-232?

Thank you!


AMX has not written a driver for CentraLite, but some of our installers have integrated AMX with CentraLite using our published RS232 protocol.  Here are some examples of the protocol:
     Turn ON Load #25:             ^A025
     Turn OFF Load #25:            ^B025
     Turn ON Scene #145:         ^C145
     Turn OFF Scene #145:        ^D145
Please refer to the attached RS232 protocol document for more detailed information on our protocol.  You can also call CentraLite at 877-466-5483 with any questions.

RS232_Protocol_(Third_Party)_Jan07.pdf RS232_Protocol_(Third_Party)_Jan07.pdf

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