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How Do I Change the Baud Rates for the Third-Party Ports in LiteJet?

Solution I want to change the Third-Party Serial port Baud Rate on the LiteJet system.

If you have Firmware version 5.00 or greater:

You will need to be connected to the LiteJet MCP using the LiteJet Programming Software.  Once connected, go to the SETTINGS screen.  You will see a box with Baud Rate Settings for RS232-1 and RS232-2.  These are for the two RS232 ports on the front of the LiteJet MCP.  You can select Baud Rates from 300 to 38,400 for each port.

You must Reset the MCP after each such change for these Baud Rates to take effect.

If your firmware is older than 5.00:

Use the DIP switches on the back of the MCP to set the Baud Rates.

DIP switch 3 controls the RS232-1 Baud Rate.  When DIP switch 3 is ON, RS232-1 Baud Rate is set to 9,600.  When DIP switch 3 is OFF, RS232-1 Baud Rate is set to 19,200.

DIP switch 4 controls the RS232-2 Baud Rate.  When DIP switch 4 is ON, RS232-2 Baud Rate is set to 9,600.  When DIP switch 4 is OFF, RS232-2 Baud Rate is set to 19,200.

RS232-1 only acts as a Third-Party port when DIP switch 8 is ON.  When DIP switch 8 is OFF, then RS232-1 acts as the programming port.

You must press the RESET button on the front of the MCP to make any of these changes take effect.

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