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Can I Use Arc-Fault Breakers with CentraLite?

Solution Electrical codes are requiring Arc Fault circuit breakers in more locations within the home.  How can I use Arc Fault breakers with lighting loads controlled by CentraLite?

Arc Fault breakers are now required for residential bedrooms.  You can control Loads fed by Arc Fault breakers just like any other load.  The neutrals from Arc Fault breakers cannot be connected to the neutrals from normal circuit breakers.  In the LiteJet system, this is not a problem.  Just make sure that a given Dimmer Module that is fed by an Arc Fault breaker is controlling the lighting loads that are required to have an Arc Fault breaker.  Only one circuit breaker can feed a given Dimmer Module which can control four loads.

The Elegance Dimmer Panels come standard with a Neutral Bus Bar.  The normal wiring method is to tie all Feed Neutrals and Load Neutrals to the Bus Bar.  This will not work if you have a mixture of Normal Circuit Breakers and Arc Fault Breakers.  You must isolate the Arc Fault Neutrals from the Normal Circuit Breaker Neutrals.  This can be accomplished using CentraLite's Neutral Block.  The Neutral Block is a Bakelite set of terminals which are isolated from each other.  This forces the installer to keep the Load Neutrals attached directly to their Feed Neutrals.  This also makes it easier to separate Arc Fault Neutrals from Normal Circuit Breaker Neutrals.

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