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StarLite Programming with Repeaters

Solution What is the proper procedure for setting up a large StarLite with many repeaters?

1.      Reset the MCS.  Set DIP switches 1 & 8 to the down position.  Unplug the power connector to the base station.

2.       When the “ACT” light on the front goes out, return DIP switches 1 & 8 to the up position.

3.       Reset all dimmers and keypads.

     a.       Turn off the airgap switch.  The blue LED should not be lit.

     b.      Press and hold the top button (or the single button in a one button dimmer).

     c.       Turn on the airgap switch while continuing to hold the button in, and release the button 13 seconds after the airgap switch is turned on.

     d.      Top LED on dimmer/keypad should start a slow blink.  If not, the switch is not reset.

     e.      Turn off the airgap switch after the dimmer/keypad has been reset.

4.       Reset all repeaters.

     a.       Remove the power connector.

     b.      Press and hold the I/O button on the front panel.

     c.       Continue holding the I/O button and plug the power connector back in.

     d.      Release the I/O Button 5 seconds after plugging in the power connector.

     e.      When I/O Button is released, the “DISC” LED will be slow blinking.

     f.        Remove power from all the repeaters except for the one closest to the base station.

5.       Connect to the base station with your computer and open the StarLite Programming software.

6.       Select the “DISCOVERY” Button on the top of the “Home” page.

7.       Start the discovery process by clicking the “Discovery” Button.

8.       The “DISC” LED will change from a slow blink to a fast blink when it has been discovered by the base station.  The process is not complete until you press the I/O button once and the “DISC” LED will go out.

9.       When the first repeater is discovered, plug the power connector into the next closest repeater and discover it.  Do this until all repeaters have been discovered.

10.   Click on “PROJECT SETTINGS” in the Software and select the “Repeater” Icon, then click on each repeater to verify they all have signal strength in the green.

11.   Go to the most distant room from the base station and turn on the airgaps of all dimmers/keypads in the room.

12.   Enter the discovery process with the software and discover the switches in that room.  When all switches are fast blinking, tap the top button one at a time and name them in the software.  Continue this process until all switches in the room have been discovered.

13.   Continue this process one room at a time until all dimmer/keypads have been discovered and named.

14.   Proceed with the programming process.


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