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Third-Party Control

Solution Where can I find the third-party protocol for CentraLite Products?

In the following attachments, you'll find the RS-232 Protocols for third-party controllers for StarLite, LiteJet, LiteJet 48, both single- and multi-system configurations of Elegance and Elegance XL, and JetStream.

StarLite_RS-232_Protocol.pdf StarLite_RS-232_Protocol.pdf
LiteJet_RS-232_Protocol.pdf LiteJet_RS-232_Protocol.pdf
LiteJet_RS-232_Protocol_Dual.pdf LiteJet_RS-232_Protocol_Dual.pdf
RS232_Protocol_(Third_Party)_Jan07.pdf RS232_Protocol_(Third_Party)_Jan07.pdf
JetStream_Third-Party_Control_Jul08_Rev0512.pdf JetStream_Third-Party_Control_Jul08_Rev0512.pdf

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