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Failure of transformer for LV lighting system that was dimmed.

Solution I have a low-voltage lighting system (Alfa 12V) on one of my drops.  Now after 2 years, the terminals out of the transformer to the LV lights have burned up.  I have contacted Alfa, and they want to know what "type" of dimming is taking place when light are dimmed.  Can you explain the dimming process, and do you know if the Alfa system should or should not be dimmed?

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CentraLite dimmers use phase-control dimming.  This is the standard way almost all dimmers operate.  The typical wall dimmer purchased from homestores such as Lowes and Home Depot operate using phase-control dimming.

This should not damage Low-Voltage transformers.  CentraLite Dimmers work with all Magnetic Low-Voltage transformers.  Most Electronic Low-Voltage Transformers work with CentraLite Dimmers.  But certain Electronic Low-Voltage Transformers are not meant to be controlled with phase-control dimmers.  These Electronic Transformers should indicate the type of control required.

[--- UPDATED: 3/7/2005 10:54:45 AM BY AGENT: Jimmy Busby ---]
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