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LiteJet Programming

Solution I wanted to know if LiteJet can be programmed in such a way that normally the light goes on to 100% and at night (after the alarm system is turned on), that same light will only go on to 40%?  If the switch is held down, it would go up to 100%, otherwise it will go off when pressed.

[--- UPDATED: 3/7/2005 11:07:17 AM BY AGENT: Jimmy Busby ---]
LiteJet has a preset level which the light will initially go to.  The light can then be ramped up to 100% by pressing and holding the button.  LiteJet does not have the ability to have two different presets.  You can accomplish this by adding a third-party controller such as the ELK M1.  The button would send a command to the ELK M1.  The ELK M1 would then send back a Dim command based on the time of day or alarm status.
[--- UPDATED: 3/7/2005 11:01:45 AM BY AGENT: Jimmy Busby ---]
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