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Elegance XL Programming
Elegance XL Installation
What is the max load that the relays in the Elegance XL panel are rated for?
How do you wire the panel for 3-Phase?
What is the max rating for the Elegance HVRB?
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Elegance Installation
How to connect a 3-Phase Relay Driver Board to the system
Alternative Contact Closure Inputs
Can I Use Arc-Fault Breakers with CentraLite?
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Elegance Programming
Where to Download Elegance Programming Software
Cable for Programming Elegance MCP
Elegance Third Party Control Protocol
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ZigBee HA
CentraLite ZigBee HA thermostat install guide
CentraLite Pearl Stat install guide
JetStream Programming
JetStream 1.4 Software WITH USB, 2July13
How to set a Dimmer or a Keypad to factory default?
How to join the USB Bridge to an existing network?
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JetStream Installation
Installing JetStream on Vista 64 or Windows 7 64-bit
Wiring up a 3- or 4-way
Installing JetStream to a Vista 32 computer or Windows 7
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International Sales/ Customer Service
LiteJet TroubleShooting
LiteJet Key Fob Remote Wiring
Failure of transformer for LV lighting system that was dimmed.
LiteJet's Blinking Error Light
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LiteJet Installation
LiteJet48 Keypad Options
LiteJet Keypad Wiring
LiteJet Keypad cable Pinout
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LiteJet Programming
LiteJet Software Download Version 2.01.02
LiteJet Programming
LiteJet's Third-Party Protocol
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Elite Installation
Elite Programming Software
Maximum distance of components from Elite MCP
Elite Programming
Interfacing with HAI OMNI II, OMNI PRO, and OMNI PRO II
CentraLite Integration Partners
Ambiance RS232 Protocol
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How to Buy
How to Buy LiteJet
StarLite Programming
Starlite Programming Software
StarLite Third-Party
StarLite Troubleshooting
Boosting StarLite Output
StarLite Programming with Repeaters
Discovering devices after reset
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Interpreting the 48-Digit Hexadecimal Output from ^G Article rated 4.1/5.0
“How do I interpret the 48-digit code that prints when I perform a ‘^G’ command,” you ask? First, it’s important to have a basic understanding of hexadecimal coding. In hexadecimal, or ...

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