Jimmy Busby

President | CEO

Under the leadership of Jimmy Busby, Centralite has entered new markets, developed new technologies, designed new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and experienced impressive sales and revenue growth. Jimmy believes that companies should create reliable, affordable products that make life easier, and he keeps Centralite focused on these core values.

Jimmy, an aerospace engineer, co-founded Centralite in 1997. At the company’s onset, he served as CTO and spearheaded the design and engineering of the company’s first generation of products. In 2010 Jimmy moved into the top executive seat, becoming president and CEO. Jimmy has shifted the corporate focus to open-standards, giving Centralite products greater compatibility with other products in the marketplace. This technological repositioning allows Centralite to better address the needs of customers by giving them greater flexibility in creating customized IoT solutions and product lines, including white labeling of selected products. 

Understanding the tremendous market potential of the IoT, Jimmy has encouraged the development of Centralite’s newest product, Jilia™, a robust framework and developer platform that empowers developers of all skill levels to imagine, build, and expand the Internet of Things with a single, simple API.

Jimmy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in both aerospace engineering and finance from the University of Alabama. A devoted supporter of Alabama football, Jimmy rarely misses an opportunity to see the Crimson Tide play at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

At the age of 17, Jimmy received his license to pilot both single and multi-engine aircraft. As an experienced aviator, he appreciates the freedom and adventure of sitting in the cockpit, taking the controls, and enjoying the ride.

B.S. Aerospace Engineering
B.S. Finance
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jim Busby

Chairman & COO

A seasoned entrepreneur who enjoys the thrill of creativity and innovation, Jim Busby co-founded Centralite in 1997. From the company’s inception until 2010, Jim served as CEO. In his current position as COO, he has refocused corporate efforts on operations and business relations.

A veteran of technology innovation, Jim first experienced entrepreneurial success as the founder and CEO of QMS, a company he started in 1977 in a spare bedroom of his home with a $10,000 loan from a local bank. With those borrowed dollars, QMS grew to a NYSE-listed printer manufacturing company with over $300 million in revenue and 1,400 employees. During Jim’s QMS years, a patent was granted for his unique circuit board design which created variable height and width characters and symbol printing. This innovation had a significant impact on not only the printing industry but also the growth of bar coding. Jim’s 30 plus years of executive experience add rich insight and measured judgement to his corporate decision making.

Honorably serving our country during the Vietnam War as a second lieutenant in the Army Signal Corps, Jim was assigned to the Military Intelligence Branch and based at Vint Hill Farm Station in Virginia, where he used his engineering and programming skills to optimum use.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alabama where he also serves on the Global Business Advisory Board of the Culverhouse College of Commerce. Jim also holds an MBA from the University of South Alabama.

Jim attributes his entrepreneurial success to the people around him. Jim’s thinking, “Always choose key employees who are smarter than you. If you don’t follow that rule, you will not succeed, and one day you will realize that you are sitting in a room surrounded by dummies.” In building Centralite’s team Jim has followed his rule and takes great pride in the company’s executive leadership.

Perseverance is another attribute Jim values. When challenges appear and times get tough, Jim digs in his heels, explores options, and ferrets out solutions. His persistence and determination serve Centralite well.

Relishing the excitement of the catch, Jim is an avid big game fisherman and boater who enjoys trawling the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.


B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

University of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama


Distinguished Engineering Fellow
University of Alabama

Distinguished Service Award
University of South Alabama

Distinguished Business Leadership Award
University of Mobile

Outstanding Entrepreneur Award
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Advocate of the Year Award

Phil Cahoon

Executive VP | CFO

A strong believer in financial transparency, accountability, and conservative business strategy, Phil Cahoon took the financial reins of Centralite in 2004. Charged with building a financial infrastructure to ensure the company’s growth, Phil has assembled a highly competent staff of professionals who provide the administrative, tactical, and strategic financial functions needed for ongoing and future operations.

Phil empowers his staff and encourages growth and development. Yet, he is always guiding, coaching and leading. Phil has an exceptional gift for problem solving and a clarity that allows him to clearly communicate his ideas and concepts to those on his team.

Prior to coming to Centralite, Phil served as an Executive Vice President and CFO of QMS, a NYSE-listed printer manufacturer with over $300 million in revenue and 1,400 employees. With Centralite’s significant growth and emerging global opportunities, Phil’s financial experience and pedigree is invaluable.

Phil’s depth of financial and management experience also includes his role as CFO for Mobile Energy Systems Holding, Inc. As an entrepreneur, Phil has also owned and operated his own business.

Phil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Florida State University where he earned recognition as an All-Time Letterman. Phil’s strong sense of responsibility, reliability and teamwork were strengthened while wearing a Seminole jersey and playing games as defensive back at “The Doak” in Tallahassee.

An avid golfer, Phil has a regularly scheduled weekly tee time with friends.


B.S. Accounting
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida

The University of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama

John Calagaz

Vice President | CTO

A self-proclaimed tech junkie, John Calagaz made the move from graduate school at Auburn University to Centralite in 2004. He was 23 years old at the time. When John came for his initial job interview, he also demonstrated his master’s project. He picked up an old bulky Motorola telephone and wirelessly turned a light bulb on and off. This was years before smart phones or even flip phones. Centralite’s management was so impressed, they immediately offered him a position as a software engineer. Having demonstrated his exceptional abilities, John joined the executive team in 2010 as Chief Technology Officer.

As CTO, John serves dual roles, one as the company’s chief engineer with the responsibility of ensuring that current products are exceptionally well-engineered and reliable; the other as that of a predictor–continuously imagining and planning the future Centralite’s technology. Aligning with his role as chief engineer, John firmly believes that manufacturers should use and love to use their own products. Therefore, he personally conducts alpha testing of all Centralite products in his own home before releasing them for beta testing.

Since coming to Centralite, John has continuously pressed the limits of wireless technology. He led the ZigBee initiative and shifted development to open-standards. Doing so, he established Centralite as a leader in ZigBee-compatible devices and products.

His aggressive product development strategies have allowed Centralite to be first to market with a multitude of products. John has led the engineering initiative that developed Jilia™, the company’s newest IoT software offering. Jilia™, a robust framework and developer platform that empowers developers of all skill levels to imagine, build, and expand the Internet of Things with a single, simple API. With the lion’s share of development completed for IoT connectivity, Jilia allows unprecedented speed to market for new product launch. Being protocol-, brand-, and platform-agnostic, Jilia’s offers a 100% software solution that opens the door for Centralite’s explosive growth in the IoT arena. Over three years in the making, John sees Jilia as a manifestation of the company’s vision and constant evolution.

With proximity to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, John is an avid fisherman and enjoys reeling in cobia, drum, redfish, grouper, and other saltwater fish.


B.S. Computer Engineering
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

Graduate Studies, Software Engineering
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

Sean Bryant

VP Sales & Marketing

Viewing Centralite’s customers as the company’s largest and most important stakeholders, Sean Bryant leads the sales and marketing team with a customer-centric approach. By putting the client first, he and his sales team deliver an exceptional level of responsiveness and accessibility to customers both large and small.

Sean began his career at Centralite as a college student. With two years remaining before earning his degree from the University of South Alabama, he began at Centralite building circuit panels on the production line. In spite of his youth, Sean took his job seriously and quickly began looking for opportunities to gain new skills and expand his knowledge. He learned about ordering parts and managing inventory, logistics, product installations, shipping, and receiving. Sean’s dedication, competence, and resourcefulness were recognized and he moved up in the organization holding various positions, including managing a home automation subsidiary. Within only two years under Sean’s management, the subsidiary experienced sales growth of 500%. These varied experiences give Sean a unique depth of understanding that allow him to relate well with customers on multiple levels.

Sean is passionate about technology in general and passionate about how Centralite uses it. With his comprehensive understanding of Centralite’s products and capabilities, Sean quickly identifies customer needs and capabilities and tailors an ideal solution to address those needs. Under Sean’s sales leadership, Centralite’s core business has expanded into new markets, sales have grown exponentially, and customers such as Samsung, Lowe’s, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable have been added to the Centralite family.

As Centralite focuses on the massive Internet of Things market and designs more and more solutions that make life easier for businesses and consumers, Sean continues to lead the company to explosive sales and marketing growth. After training for months, he recently competed in the Reebok Spartan Beast obstacle course race. During the brutal 11.2 mile race, Sean faced 25 obstacles and finished with a competitive time.


B.S. Marketing
University of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama