JetStream Lighting Control

Wireless, Controllerless and Expandable Lighting Control System


Get the most out of your lighting investment and save energy with the incomparable JetStream Lighting Control System from CentraLite Systems, Inc. This innovative wireless system delivers a full suite of control programs that lower energy use, maximize safety and convenience, and reduce lighting maintenance.

Award-winning value

The award-winning JetStream Wireless Lighting Control System is the easy and affordable way to deliver practical energy-conserving technology to homes and businesses. Skyrocketing energy costs have made the intelligent JetStream System one of the most valuable technologies to own. Perfect for new construction or retrofit applications, it pays back in reduced power bills, increased safety and greater enjoyment of your surroundings.


JetStream saves energy in two important ways

First, it reduces energy waste by allowing users to manage when and where lights will be used. Second, JetStream provides dimming and on/off functions that reduce electricity consumption. Additionally, smart dimming programs extend light bulb life, saving money and maintenance on lighting sources.


Controllerless, reliable and expandable

JetStream is controllerless and employs today's hottest, most reliable wireless technology as its foundation. ZigbeeTM-based JetStream keypads use industry-standard wiring, making professional installation easy. The system's keypads broadcast directly to each other and create a self-forming, self-healing, mesh network that is simple to install and operate.

JetStream can be installed with just a few keypads or expanded for whole-location use. The system works with other products such as thermostats, entertainment equipment, and security devices for a total automation solution.


Programming is a cinch

Device discovery and programming can occur from a single location and take just minutes to complete. It's simple to create scenes and timed events. Automate daily lighting routines or set the perfect mood for any occasion with a programmed lighting scene. Programs can include individual areas, groups of rooms or the entire location.


Lighting plays an essential role in security

JetStream gives you full and instant access to the entire wireless network. One keypad tap turns all lights on or off. Use the system's remote control to activate a bright, safe pathway from the driveway to the front door and beyond. For added security, JetStream easily integrates with burglar and fire detection systems.


Scales to Meet Your Needs

JetStream can be installed with just a few keypads or expanded for whole-location use. Up to 200 devices can be included on the network. JetStream works with other products such as thermostats, entertainment systems, and security equipment a total automation solution.

Tom Berner, MD

CentraLite Home Owner

"What has struck me the most about CentraLite during the two years that I have been involved with the company has been the people with whom I have dealt with. Without fail, they can be described as "can do" individuals. No company that I have dealt with has seemed to be so imbued with this supportive culture. And I mean from the ladies who answ...

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